Today’s guest post comes from Kelly Bailey owner of The FitFarm, LLC located in Spencer, Ohio.

Why are so few people successful at lasting weight loss? In the US, the stats are pretty dismal: of those that manage to lose weight at all, only 5% are able to keep it off long term. Are they doing the wrong workouts? Do they not know that eating fast food every day hurts their bodies and waistlines?

I’m going to wager that those most successful at losing weight and keeping it off share some common traits, apart from making changes to their lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if they’re trying to lose or gain weight. It doesn’t matter how many kids they have, how busy they are at work, or whether they just moved to a new town. They exhibit what I call the four pillars of weight loss success, which closely mirror what makes a person successful in the business world.

1. Goals.

Successful business people set goals, and so do successful fitness enthusiasts. Goal setting is probably one of the most overlooked aspects of a weight loss program. Goals are the specific who, what, when, where, and why of your plan. Sit down and WRITE OUT your goals. Read them every day to remind yourself why your goal is important to you.

2. Attitude and the success mindset.

I run into lots of people that are extremely resistant to the kinds of changes that are actually necessary to reaching their desired fitness goals. I recently worked with a young woman who said her goal was to get six-pack abs, but she also told me – straight up – that she refused to change her eating habits. She was argumentative, negative, and complained every step of the way. She still hasn’t lost any weight.

3. Networking and mentorship.

Okay, so those are business terms, but your environment and the company you keep has an enormous impact on your fitness and weight loss goals. If none of your friends hit the gym, studies show you are also far less likely to work out. If your family eats unhealthy foods, you are also more likely to eat unhealthy foods. While you can’t always change your family or other environmental factors, you can do your best to surround yourself with things and people that are supportive of your goals. Get on Facebook and join a weight loss group. Get involved in a yoga class and make some new friends. Announce to your family that you are making positive changes to become your best YOU!

4. Knowledge.

In business circles, this is called professional development. This is where you get into the nitty gritty of HOW to reach your desired fitness goals. This may require reading books, watching workout DVD’s, hiring a personal trainer or nutritionist, getting involved in an online fitness bootcamp, or finding a knowledgeable friend who can help you understand proper fitness and nutrition.


5. The most successful people in business and fitness know there is no substitute for putting in consistent, hard work. If you’re making excuses or looking for the next “silver bullet” in a pill, wrap, or supplement, you won’t reach your goals. Losing weight, changing bad eating habits, and improving fitness is hard, but is also an exceptionally rewarding journey for those willing to put in the real work.


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