Advertising For Local Businesses In Medina County

At the heart of Only In Medina is a commitment to promoting locally owned, small businesses in Medina County. We know that print advertising, while sometimes effective, is very costly. In our technology-driven world, we are able to reach potential customers directly via online advertisement, social media, and email marketing. Our focus has been on creating an audience of individuals who are eager to support local businesses. Only In Medina is happy to provide several low-cost advertising opportunities for local businesses to interact with our audience.

Where to start?

Register for a premium listing on Only In Medina to take advantage of our exclusive benefits for members. Our premium memberships start at $10 a month. Yes, only $10 a month. Our featured memberships come with additional benefits and are only $25 a month. Where else can you get instant exposure for that price? Join our community of businesses on Only In Medina.

Additional Advertising:

We have additional advertising opportunities available for local businesses in Medina county. Email [email protected] for more information.